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I often feel like a character in Alice in Wonderland crossed with Oz crossed with Waking Life crossed with Nightmare Before Christmas crossed with being a side character in a Marvel comic

Show Alert:

I'm playing a show in Illy Muse's band at Subterranean in Chicago this Saturday February 2nd! Super excited to share this music with you

I've got tickets for sale! $10 each

Looking forward to playing yet another classic Chicago venue (previous show was the Green Mill, another classic Chicago venue)

Listens of the past ten years + are here for you

Im done releasing for today listen up its happening

How to Gain Immunity to American Monomania and Green Light Insanity

*Spoilers of Moby Dick and Great Gatsby *

Moby Dick is a perfect book to hilight exactly what we can do as Americans to heal the harm done in the world and our own country. Hear me out.

In Moby Dick, Ishmael NOT going on Ahab's ship and staying at home and enjoying the pleasure of the seashore is the solution

I was eager to share a song with you tonight Mastodon, though my android device isnt connecting to the internet so I won't waste my time getting android or apple products to work for me

Their companies are based on wrapping unix, linux, gnu work on tech, and capitalizing on peoples scarcity of tech knowledge

You deserve better

That's January in terms of releases

60+ songs, from acoustic to electronica to distorted guitars to ambient to full band studio recorded to my newest songs recorded and mixed on my final choice linux

And then I'll be releasing the single of the newest album I'm working on in the style I call Earth Music: A Way Home

Then, when they are all online, I'm releasing a never before released albun I completed recently

I've come out with at least 50 songs across eight albums

To celebrate this, I'm going to be releasing them all for listen on Bandcamp

Here are some images of the setup

The plugins are really awesome

I'm appreciating Robin Gareus for the parametric equalizer

Calf audio for their compressors

And the gtrx group of plugins

#linuxaudio #linux

New song snippet "How to Hold the Line"

one hour of creation

MIDI in #AVLinux #linuxaudio in DAW #ardour with all the plugins that come with #kxstudio in avlinux

I'm now quite satisfied with my ability to create MIDI beats and compositions in Ardour

And that mastering compressor is pretty awesome and better than proprietary ones too.

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Improvisation tonight with Charles Mingus

Omg I missed jazz.

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