I guess I’ll make an !
I am Siren, a young musical artist. I’m at the very beginning of my musical journey, and I’m excited for the future of my art. Hopefully I can earn some fans and friends along the way. I am currently learning guitar and taking vocal lessons, and will soon be learning piano as well.

@Siren welcome and all the best to you. keep on learning, it's good to learn as many instruments as possible. and of course the voice is the best instrument 😀 ❤️ 🥁

@reto thank you kindly! I never intend to stop learning, when it comes to music and film I want to continue learning everything I possibly can. I do have to say vocals are my favorite, but drums are right behind it in terms of favorite instruments! I’m gonna have to get more lessons on drums after piano!

@Siren my pleasure. sounds great. do you write songs as well?

@reto I don’t write music currently but I do make lyrics. Another thing I’m gonna have to learn :)

@Siren right, it's good to start early. and if you write lyrics already it's going to be a lot easier.

@Siren have fun on your journey. Keep up the piano lessons. Piano is an amazing songwriting tool. I wish I spent more time on it.

@Siren Hey Siren, I'm in the middle of my musical career and I teach piano and voice. It's great you are learning all you can, a great way to set yourself up to boost skills and confidence. Let me know if you ever have any questions an Old can answer!

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