Kindof a big deal:
A piece of mine is being premièred at Evensong at Canterbury Cathedral today.

If you are in the area you are very welcome to come (and yes, going to Evensong is free.)

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@artsyhonker Wait - at other times they charge money to go to church?

@gemlog Some cathedrals here charge admission, yes.

They aren't funded by taxes here, and maintaining a centuries-old building with hundreds or thousands of visitors each day has a cost. But services are always free!

@artsyhonker I remember (vaguely) going to that cathedral when I was little. Perhaps they charged even then?
All I remember was being creeped out to learn there were dead people under the floor! :-)

@Trussell It went well, I think. :-) Will listen to the recording tomorrow. I was singing (visiting choir) so can't quite tell.

Glad to hear it. A friend of mine from Edmonton is living with the community of St Anselm at Lambeth at the moment. I let her know about your work, mostly to brag about following someone famous on social media :)

@Trussell Nifty! I like the idea of the Community of St Anselm rather a lot. I think my husband wouldn't like me applying though. ;-) (And seriously, a marriage is another form of living in community.)

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