Does anyone know of a #TextComposer app for #GNU / #Linux? Like a #TextEditor, but all the user can do is write, not edit, and export as #TXT. Basically the software version of a typewriter. Or a text editor with a 'compose' mode the user can toggle on and off? I have a terrible habit of distracting myself by editing as I write. Composing with pen and paper limits this, but then I have to type stuff up :-{

@strypey I'd be inclined to rig up a Molly guard for your backspace and arrow keys, and put the mouse out of reach, or something.

@artsyhonker Molly guard? Mouse is a touchpad, but I could find out (or set up) hotkeys to disable it during composing sessions ...


@strypey A Molly guard is a physical cover for a button.

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@artsyhonker ah, OK. I'm not sure how well that would work with my netbook keyboard, and I'm more looking for a software solution I can easily deploy if I switch devices. But thanks for the tip :-)

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