Have spent a fair bit of my weekend tinkering with using lilypond-book and XeTeX to wrangle my compositions into a book of sorts. So far, so good, although as always the last-mile details always take the longest. But the actual mechanics of lilypond-book as a preprocessor that engraves multiple bits of notation into little graphic chunks and automatically builds the LaTeX markup to display them is pretty damn slick. (Plus the usual LaTeX goodies like TOC, indexing, etc)

My eventual plan: Release a free PDF ebook of standard notation, and a paid PDF ebook of notation plus tablature. I've already spent more time on this endeavor than will ever be worth what little money I might see from it, but it's good exercise.

Interesting. Was also able to use to generate HTML/PNG images, and then use to turn it into an ebook. (Unfortunately apparently can't convert its own DVI files to PNG because of reasons? Have to figure out if it's possible to do some of the statements conditionally in the .lytex source document. Would love not to have to maintain separate docs for multiple output formats)

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