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Hello, I'm an amateur music maker and linux user (), I have a lot to learn.
I put a lot of unfinished music on soundcloud, do challenges like and , and generally muddle about aimlessly.
Nice to meet you!

Tomorrow is my weekly "fuck I haven't started on song a week yet better shit out something passable to say I've done it" day

Rancid, soundcloud is full of adverts now. Definitely need to switch to FunkWhale or some free alternative

Deadline for the first of the year is coming up, I'll have at least a demo, probably no more.

Thinking whether it's worth setting up a instance for people to use for this kind of thing? Or whether there's an existing one that would be good to use?

Although I don't think resolutions are actually that useful, I am trying to get into the habit of making more music.

Morning my loves... I'm going to try doing again. Anyone else into that?

Never really thought much about genre or idiom in music. It's a whole world of language I've taken for granted.

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Cis-Males just don't get it, Dating, Toxic Masculinity Show more

Sooo I read Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics and it's a great book, it's given me a fresh perspective on the whole creative process and I'm really itching to get back to making music now

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Kith Kitchen is open for business!

This instance is for cooking, recipes, and anything food-related.

Bon appétit!

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Upcoming feature alert!

Add audio uploads

In the wake of the Tumblr exodus, Gargron is adding audio to Mastodon!

In the same way that we can upload videos and photos to Mastodon, we'll soon be able to record an audio file and upload it for followers.

If you're excited for this, click through to the URL above and add your 👍!

#mastodon #meta #github

I moved house! I been busy but now I want to get into good music habits in my new place. Play music every day. Y'all can help me. I'm seeing a gig though so I'll can't do it tonight. It's Cosmo Sheldrake.

There should be some service where you can enter an artist and it tells you which of your friends listen to them so you can go to a gigs with them. Do people use much any more?

Watching water stream down a lamppost in the darkness. It's the little things in life.

How the heck do I upload a recording in the SoundCloud app these days?

So I may take part in but perhaps just 4 or 8 bars a day... I'm really a very busy man

I had a dream I was releasing my music under the band name Private Park and NPR really liked it

Today is a good day, I think, to make some music

Should I cover my current guitar in stickers?
> y
> n

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