Rancid, soundcloud is full of adverts now. Definitely need to switch to FunkWhale or some free alternative

they're doomed. the business model doesn't work

@love_brambles @reto I mean right now I'm just uploading audio files to my personal website, but actual services similar to soundcloud, I'm not sure, other than the aforementioned funkwhale

@birdsofpraise @love_brambles is quite humane if you want to make "releases". I'm using which is enough for my . but now I think it's best to just put videos on .

@reto @birdsofpraise @love_brambles

i second I have all of my albums uploaded there. There is also and .

@flavigula @reto @birdsofpraise i use and like bandcamp, but i'm looking for a pretty straight up replacement to soundcloud. for things like demos, half baked ideas, even covers. i'm going to squirrel around on funkwhale and, thx y'all

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