I put too much pressure on myself for doing . I have to remember that
a) Not all songs have to be perfect
b) It doesn't matter if I don't finish!
This is supposed to be a fun challenge
What do I want out of it? I want to improve as a musician. I want more experience working with other musicians. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone, but not to the point that it degrades my mental health.


Have you heard of the 60:30:10 rule?

The rule states that 60% of what a musician creates is mediocre, 30% is genuinely bad, and 10% is awesome. The only way to write more awesome songs is to write more songs total.

This explains the one-hit wonders, who put their best songs on their first album, but then thought they "knew how to write songs" so they put every song they wrote on to their second album.

Photography is supposed to work the same way. Pros throw away most photos.


One of the things I love about #FAWM are the song skirmishes. One hour to write and record a song.

It doesn't need to be perfect, but it should be good enough to, say, sell your band on working on the song together.

When you can sketch out songs in an hour, you can seperate the awesome songs from the things that will remain crappy even if you spend a month working on them.

You don't even need to decide right away. Just spew out a lot of ideas and see what draws you back later

@yam655 yes, I've done one so far this year and probably will do a bunch more before the end of the month

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