I think I've done enough challenges for a while. I want to spend a little more time, lest haste on some tracks and see where it gets me.

@yam655 yes, I've done one so far this year and probably will do a bunch more before the end of the month

There's nothing like listening to other people's music to get your creative brain-cogs whirring.

@draco I'll be sure to send something over if I come up with some lyrics - no pressure of course!

I'd like to collaborate with other musicians! Perhaps you, dear reader?

I put too much pressure on myself for doing . I have to remember that
a) Not all songs have to be perfect
b) It doesn't matter if I don't finish!
This is supposed to be a fun challenge
What do I want out of it? I want to improve as a musician. I want more experience working with other musicians. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone, but not to the point that it degrades my mental health.

Finally got a track up fawm.org/fawmers/neonpaul/
I'm pretty burnt out right now though. 😑

The next prompt is "food", I think I'm going to find that hard

@tim@mastodon.art @love_brambles @flavigula @reto Ah maybe I spoke too soon, looks like it's postponed until the next version

@love_brambles @tim@mastodon.art @flavigula @reto update to this thread, the latest version of mastodon now has audio upload...

@duckfs I do that every night and it doesn't seem to help

Tomorrow is my weekly "fuck I haven't started on song a week yet better shit out something passable to say I've done it" day

@flavigula The spirit of fawm is the spirit of collaboration! Many people work together both online and offline, and there are a whole bunch of games and initiatives to get people creating things together. There are also plenty of people who just post lyrics or instrumentals and find someone to fill in the other side

@tim@mastodon.art @reto @flavigula @love_brambles Honestly I wish the code for fawm.org was open source, the social aspect of that place is great.
I'm kinda tempted to create something like that myself actually.

@love_brambles @reto I mean right now I'm just uploading audio files to my personal website, but actual services similar to soundcloud, I'm not sure, other than the aforementioned funkwhale

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