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Hello everyone! I've been hanging around the Fediverse for about a week and loving it.

I've created this account to promote and recruit for a netlabel we're organizing called Dekahertz.

We're interested in ambient and experimental electronic music. Usual netlabel model. Digital distribution. Artists keep the rights. Just want to promote good music!

Launch date for label is June 21st. Website in progress at Send us your demos :)


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I am proud to announce you I released a new piece of music, Villanesque n°1, featuring samples from French mathematician and politician Cedric Villani!

Feel free to give me your impressions and to share it around!

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Somebody said that properly soldering guitar jacks is an art. So, I guess, I just made some #Art ?

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This is a project of a dear friend of mine.
I play guitar and ambiance on some of the tracks. Every time I listen to this album I find something new I hadn't noticed before. He is such a talented person and I am humbled to be a part of his creative projects.

A haiku formed in a dream:

A desert sun beats
a membranous landscape that
undulates in heat

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Here's something young whippersnappers won't remember:

Every now and then I'll be listening to a song, then I remember the point at which it would cut out on an old tape I had of it where the tape ran out :D

I tend to listen to music in album sized chunks. Occasionally I create playlists, but I'm most pleased when an artist creates an album I find cohesive all the way through.

According to , these are the albums I listened to most during 2018.

1. Peter Blegvad - Go Figure
2. Lady With - The Lodge
3. Harold Budd / Brian Eno - The Plateaux of Mirror
4. Homunculus Res - Della stessa sostanza dei sogni
5. Multumult - Deeper Kind of Yellow Blue
6. Gong - Rejoice! I'm Dead!
7. Steve Dinsdale - Light & Dark
8. Peter Hammill - From the Trees
9. Rabbit Rabbit Radio - Black Inscription
10. David Sylvian - Gone to Earth

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2018 was the year I concluded that any system whose purpose is to measure, capture, and monetize human attention is immoral and inevitably leads to the erosion of the commons and society itself. In 2019 I'm committed to helping dismantle these systems by all possible means.
Concretely this means supporting nonprofit alternatives like mastodon, blocking all ad tracking (sorry, people whose livelihoods have been captured by that industry), and doing whatever most damages the attention industry.

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Hey, I made a Peertube account on which I should soon post videos of my music, with the code generating the music being displayed on the video

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