@flavigula 👍 I love the lydian dominant (though I tend to think of it as Mixolydian sharp 4)

I did a film score for an indy film, Counting for Thunder, a few years ago in which the primary theme material was lydian dominant-- here'a s small sample youtube.com/watch?v=VcJiJUxLLE

cheers to the sharp 4 😃


C lydian dominant? When I'm playing, I usually have G melodic minor in my mind, for I know the shapes on the fretboard better from that perspective.

Nice piece.

@flavigula thanks :) yeah, this is C Lydian dominant, performed primarily on my electric gourd which is a three string lap steel (which I generally keep tuned CGC)


It'd certainly be interesting to own one of those. I'll have to ponder the possibilities. :guitar:

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