I downloaded your album and added it to the MixRemix Radio library where it will appear on the Creative Commons Remix show as serendipity determines.



By the way, where can I find the MixRemix Radio show?

@flavigula I hope you get a lot of listeners and plays. Did you only use bandcamp?

Thanks! I hope the album has an audience, too. The world of music is so expansive and diverse these days that it's difficult to reach people, especially in the ambient / experimental realm.

I'm also on , , and .

@flavigula I like what you are doing and yes the market and audience is diverse. Thanks for telling me about and , it seems to me an interesting development of streaming.
I didn't understand the benefits for the artist of , this seems like a second soundcloud. I also didn't get the benefit of for the artist.


Thank you again.

is certainly a analog, but it is connected to and their blockchain, letting people earn Steem crypto for plays. Or at least I think that is how it works. I haven't had time recently to dive into the details.

@YWM_recordings @flavigula

Hi there,
DSound have a curation delegation on #steemit (momentary stopped, but will start again very soon on better basis. And will evolve on something more attractive). > If they select your track you can earn some nice $ bucks being upvoted. Last time they voted on mine it was something like $15

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