Hey y'all! I'm new. American musician living in south of france. Ask me anything about music down here ; )

Do you know of Bob Drake? He's another American musician living in the south of france.

Anyway, welcome. What music do you make?

@flavigula wow thanks, very thoughtful material ! I hadn't heard of him b4..

@flavigula for work I sing popular songs in tons of languages, jazz/rock/pop, and I'm working on about 20 compositions but banging my head against the wall to finish lyrics & record them. heavilyJazz-influenced IndiePop is how i'd categorize... : )

Sounds intriguing. I'd love to hear something.

@radishrob what's going on with music down there?

@radishrob Where are the places to be in France as a musician? I've been thinking of doing this for a while but rent in Paris seems too high for me to survive. I'm brand new too, bassist living in Vancouver Canada

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