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I think it's about time to bring forward so I've created a (it's the first time I use that, so bear with me 8).

If you'd like to help the cause of the network you can pledge something there:

If you want to get involved and do something for Smusi, just let me know. There are many things one could do 😄

At the moment any donations will go into paying the server costs.

Thank you!

Pinned toot vision:
- a social network from and for that helps musicians to self-organize, communicate, collaborate and finally get independent from the music business at large
- run as a co-op with strong measures to prevent capitalist subversion
- bridges online and offline by building local outlets where musicians can meet, jam, do concerts, with recording facilities, rooms with instruments, etc.
- no corporate ads, no marketing businesses, no bullshit

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late : I'm a - from , playing the and some . When I'm lucky I dream a melody and can rescue it. I'm bad at finishing songs though and I'm looking for someone who would like to collaborate. I recently had a and I'm still not completely back to normal, but much better. I like to read or, well, I mostly listen to books from 😜 I do and go to the almost daily. Attached a pic of my fav guitar...

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If you're sensitive like me the world is a tough place. Lots of brutes. Children are sensitive as shit, but then come all these insensitive people that rob them of their sensitivity. And they end up just like most others - without creativity and passion, the perfect "consumers".

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Hi! I’m enby and I like to make music and play games! I just saw instance bot post about this instance so I thought I’d come check out the place and see what’s up. Thanks for having me!

Finished a demo of my latest song "I'm Gonna Be With". The main melody is based on a dream.

It's always difficult to make a demo of a new song because I can't play it so well yet. I'm now using and record until I mess up, repeating the bad part, cutting it out and reassembling everything.

installed on my phone to test. seriously? it wants me to pay so I can skip tracks? you know, damn you spotify. I don't need this shitty treatment, bye.

It's always good to have a song finished and a demo recorded that is at least not total shit, 'cause it gets really boring to spend too much time with a song. I just want to start a new song again 😜 😆

I'm beginning to see the connections: inhibitions, rigidity, reserve, too much emphasis on performance -> bodily tensions -> no passion for dancing -> no passion for music -> no passion for life
in the west we have a lot, but we lack the most basic things when it comes to spiritual wellbeing

I'm now uploading my to . Takes a while because I need to generate videos from the files.
Here's my channel:
And a sample video:

So what's this app called "Fedilab" I thought. Turns out it's Mastalab with a new name 🤪

Here's a of the I've written over the weekend: "Just be my Babylove"

Sometimes it's strange, the feeling was very strong when I came up with the chorus melody, but now while recording it' quite dim. Maybe I'm just not in the right mood? 🤷‍♂️ 😜

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-- huge music fan, and producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist from the boonies of Ontario. if you're reading this, reply with preferred undiscovered albums that you like.

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Between a Rock and Weird Place (improv) / The Mountain Rovers --

Here's anther song I have finished now: "The Golden Land" It was lying around unfinished for like 15 years...

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