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I think it's about time to bring forward so I've created a (it's the first time I use that, so bear with me 8).

If you'd like to help the cause of the network you can pledge something there:

If you want to get involved and do something for Smusi, just let me know. There are many things one could do 😄

At the moment any donations will go into paying the server costs.

Thank you!

Pinned toot vision:
- a social network from and for that helps musicians to self-organize, communicate, collaborate and finally get independent from the music business at large
- run as a co-op with strong measures to prevent capitalist subversion
- bridges online and offline by building local outlets where musicians can meet, jam, do concerts, with recording facilities, rooms with instruments, etc.
- no corporate ads, no marketing businesses, no bullshit

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late : I'm a - from , playing the and some . When I'm lucky I dream a melody and can rescue it. I'm bad at finishing songs though and I'm looking for someone who would like to collaborate. I recently had a and I'm still not completely back to normal, but much better. I like to read or, well, I mostly listen to books from 😜 I do and go to the almost daily. Attached a pic of my fav guitar...

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Hey! My stage name is Cathodral! I'm from the Salt Lake City area and I'm starting to get into making some shoegazy stuff. I'm really excited to get involved with the songwriting community! I don't have much published, but here's a cover of the Apples on Stereo song from the Powerpuff Girls movie:

I have been so busy with that almost the only time I get home now is to sleep 🤭
yesterday I had rehearsal with my . it was great. now we are 4, a , , me on and and a player.
it's just so much better than just playing alone. we're practicing my songs which is kinda cool.

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the sun shines through the bathroom
the temple is on the pillar
my brain keeps sucking my thoughts in
the love I once knew has disappeared
moaning groaning foaming
shivers run down my spine
lass mich doch allein!

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guess i haven't done an #introduction yet; Show more

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Live at
Edmonton International Airport
every Monday 7am to noon.

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first song i ever heard
when i was some enchanted kid

it was penny lane
on nickelodeon no less

we are all so desperate
but we're playing tough
like we'd have it sorted out
but deep down
we don't know
what it all means
it's not what it seems
stricken by a fever
killed by a mere gunshot
frail as shit
we wander here
from one roadblock
to the other
guessing the way
but I'm here to say
just someone who cares
just someone who dares
to say
I love you

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I want a world
that will give
my granddaughter
a shot
at a greater commons
and not
the war of all
against all.
I want a lot.


Here is a video version:

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Greetings SMusi! Happy new year! I wish you all an abundance of Light, Life, Love and Liberty!

I'm sick with a cold but still tried to Cover "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen (actually I think it's the Jeff Buckley version, not sure if they differ)

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Hello Smusi! My name is Alex and I'm a Sound Designer/Electronic Musician based in Toronto. Hoping to meet more like-minded people on this instance.

My music can be found at

and my band can be heard at

Excited to chat you up!

I noticed that few people ever raise their hands when they . To me this is a sign of their uptightness. Swiss people are incredibly reserved, it's a pity. This behavior makes us all kind of sick.

jammed at the flat of a friend. we were surprised she had a piano and can play the flute. we went there to play games but ended up making music 😁

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According to , these are the albums I listened to most during 2018.

1. Peter Blegvad - Go Figure
2. Lady With - The Lodge
3. Harold Budd / Brian Eno - The Plateaux of Mirror
4. Homunculus Res - Della stessa sostanza dei sogni
5. Multumult - Deeper Kind of Yellow Blue
6. Gong - Rejoice! I'm Dead!
7. Steve Dinsdale - Light & Dark
8. Peter Hammill - From the Trees
9. Rabbit Rabbit Radio - Black Inscription
10. David Sylvian - Gone to Earth

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Hello :) New here. Hope to be making some musical friends soon. Can't wait to see all the wonderful stuff posted to this instance.

The bad character of a person is revealed in small things. They may play kind but if you have an eye for the detail you can know it beforehand without getting into too much trouble.

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So I'm curious to know more about this group. What aspects of music discussion are encouraged here?

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peppermint phrases
into the abyss it gazes
the fire it blazes
can't get you right
I'm holding you tight
I'm seeing the light
of the honey you moon
all through the night
good honey you boon

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