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I think it's about time to bring forward so I've created a (it's the first time I use that, so bear with me 8).

If you'd like to help the cause of the network you can pledge something there:

If you want to get involved and do something for Smusi, just let me know. There are many things one could do πŸ˜„

At the moment any donations will go into paying the server costs.

Thank you!

Pinned toot vision:
- a social network from and for that helps musicians to self-organize, communicate, collaborate and finally get independent from the music business at large
- run as a co-op with strong measures to prevent capitalist subversion
- bridges online and offline by building local outlets where musicians can meet, jam, do concerts, with recording facilities, rooms with instruments, etc.
- no corporate ads, no marketing businesses, no bullshit

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late : I'm a - from , playing the and some . When I'm lucky I dream a melody and can rescue it. I'm bad at finishing songs though and I'm looking for someone who would like to collaborate. I recently had a and I'm still not completely back to normal, but much better. I like to read or, well, I mostly listen to books from 😜 I do and go to the almost daily. Attached a pic of my fav guitar...

Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes

this is so unique, nobody could do like Velvet Underground, often similar but always refreshing and new

when the spirit rises
I flow on top
reaching for the edge
of the precious garment
clothed in dreams
it's not what it seems
everything will be alright
just hold me tight
and come along
sing this new song
of love
and hope

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Yay! New patron!

Fun fact: I actually do a little happy dance every time I find out about a new one. It's a little bit like The Twist but with more hopping in my seat.

No, I am not planning on recording this.

If you'd like to become a patron then is the way to go. Other sponsorship models are available at and I'm always open to further suggestions.

Thanks so much!

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Upcoming feature alert!

Add audio uploads

In the wake of the Tumblr exodus, Gargron is adding audio to Mastodon!

In the same way that we can upload videos and photos to Mastodon, we'll soon be able to record an audio file and upload it for followers.

If you're excited for this, click through to the URL above and add your πŸ‘!

#mastodon #meta #github

Bob Dylan - Mr. Tambourine Man (Live at the Newport Folk Festival. 1964)

Did you know that his real name was "Zimmerman"? (which is German and means carpenter)

He said about the name change:

"You're born, you know, the wrong names, wrong parents. I mean, that happens. You call yourself what you want to call yourself. This is the land of the free."[

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Good morning fediverse and :masto: .art!

It's a new week and a new day. Do something nice for yourself, a warm cuppa, biscuit, draw a doodle, hug a friend you love, read a book, get something done, take a walk in some greenery, play some music (on instrument or speakers), take a good care of yourself, you deserve it!


I also found this gem while browsing:
Joan Baez - Diamonds and Rust
Beautiful melody and text... and of course Joan's singing is amazing.

So yeah, I've been listening to a few of Kris Kristofferson and in every song I could somehow hear out the same pattern as in "Me and Bobby McGee" (his most famous song) somehere πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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I'm taking my natural talent to the next level. I now put off procrastination until the next day... "oh I'll have time to not write that paper tomorrow. Why would I bother not writing it now?"

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Nabbed from @artsyhonker

1- Experimental and music on and .

2- Integrating electronic textures, especially sequences and generative ideas, into my usual forms. Bettering my technique on guitar.

3- Pulsing within the modular synth, and ideas appearing from nothing, suddenly.

4- I look up to many musicians / ensembles, but for now I'll name David Sylvian.


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1) I make dark noisey experimental deathrock primarily. But also pop stuff. I play several instruments but bass guitar is my favorite. I also do some audio engineering

2) I'm always trying to be honest in my music. I need to put more time in though.

3) Self discovery. Really enjoying playing with acoustic effects in lower frequencies during improv

4) Reggie Watts

5) Our old album is at (if you want to buy just msg me though)

it's 5 AM
my heart is bruised
I'm a bit confused
my eyes water
the flow is steady
if I am not ready
it is not your fault
but good heavens
it goes
way back
to that fatal day
in early may
when the tide was turning
and I found you
lying in the sand

it's getting difficult to welcome everyone new to now since there are more signups 😜

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I simply can not get enough Kikagaku Moyo these days. can't wait to see this preformed live. I don't know what genre you'd call it: pacific rim psych jazz explosion?

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So I'm hoping it's all sorts of musicians on here, not just the good ones. Feel like I've just walked into a building and I'm wandering around wondering if I should really be here!

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So, what should I do next? Do I tag people? Do I post content? Do I look all cool and pretend I don't need friends.

here's a bit of "Will You be There" by Michael Jackson I recorded (transposed to Bb). I really have to push my voice here. it's just on the brink of what I can still "sing" 🀭

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1) Get a cheap USB stick
2) Put some of your favourite music on it, and a text file that says "When full, please post to [your address]" or similar
3) Give it to a friend and ask them to put some music on it and pass it on (maybe make a smol explanation card).

Eventually you start receiving, in the post, USB sticks full of music from strangers.

Good idea? Terrible? Anyone up for this?

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I write poems
never to be read again
one moment
of eternal glory
will it not suffice?
but no!
I desire more
my spirit rises
in many ways disguises
the need for attention
what is my intention?
that is the question really
in all I do
out of the blue
a thought
gets a hold of me
I grab it by the ankle
throw it once around
until in the end -
it's nowhere to be found



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