another I'm playing around with atm "the way you are":

you're still so small
and you're bound to fall
don't let nobody say
that you are wrong

the way you are
the way you are
you'll go so far
you'll go so far

the best of you
is still to come
the battle is though
and not easily won

the way you are
the way you are
you'll go so far
you'll go so far

@hairylarry I don't know but I kind of got fed up with the text I suggested before so I began writing this one instead to a melody I had lying around. would you like to continue with this?

it's supposed to be addressing a school boy/girl instilling hope and confidence to go their own way


This is nice. I could play a harmonica part on it. maybe piano. Also I think I could write a bridge so maybe verse chorus verse chorus bridge verse chorus or verse chorus verse chorus bridge harmonica chorus, I guess depending on whether we need another verse after the bridge.

Can you shoot me the chords you're playing.


@hairylarry yeah, I think harmonica would be great.

how about accordion backing, can you play that too?

chords are G C D C

would be cool if you could write a bridge. just play around with the order and see what goes best 👍


I probably could but I don't have an accordian. I'll work on this new one later today and see if anything gells.


I like the fact that it's a more positive upbeat message.


I wrote a bridge and I added a little color to the chords on the verse without altering the change.

||: G CM9 DM9 C6 :||

D/E D Em7 C6
D/E D Em7 C6-D

I am working on the recording now (with mistakes). But I have several times around so you can hear it.



I sent a recording by email. I think my interent is better.


some bridge text I quickly came up with:

... far into the land
and you'll see things turn out well
you'll go through valleys, over mountains
you will have so much to tell

did an okeyish adhoc recording too 😀


I like it. I'll try a little rework on the bridge melody and get it back to you. Thanks


I'm sending an email. Still don't know how to embed audio like you do. I changed the voicing and rhythm on the verse piano accompaniment too. Let me know if you like it better this way or the first way.

@hairylarry I like your version. only the first "far" would have to be earlier since it follows directly from the chorus: you'll go so ... far into the land ...
that is if we want to keep those bridge verses anyway. what do you think?


Yeah, I didn't really fit it in with the verse. I was to focused on the chorus. Work In Progress.

I really think we have a song. I love the simplicity of it and I don't think it needs to be complexified beyond what we have.

What do you think?

@hairylarry yeah I think it's good like that and we can start to put it together 😄


We can still be open to possible additions but at least we can start with a scratch arrangement with a place for harmonica. What are your thoughts now on instrumentation, vocals, harmonies, etc.

@hairylarry I'd say we experiment a bit to find what could go well with the feel. I'd like to do some double tracking probably. do you like the guitar pattern I played or would you prefer something else? maybe we can start with guitar and piano

@hairylarry really nice colors there in the verse. the bridge is nice too but trying to sing something to it always makes me think that I know this part from a pop song. I'll try a bit more and send you the recording.

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