So I'm looking for some people to make a local . The first guy wanted to hear some of my , after which I didn't hear of him anymore 🤭

@reto i had this problem once...solved it by saying in the want ad (actually a poster at the local rehearsal space) "Looking for <guitarist, drummer> for a <band type>, influences are <musicians that sound like the stuff I want to play>"

@wohali thanks, I think I should rephrase it. or I thought about putting a link to a few songs so people can listen and judge beforehand.

@reto Good idea! Modesty and shyness led me to use more famous people as influences rather than link my own stuff, but today I might do that!

@wohali I linked to my stuff now so I don't even have to deal with a large percentage 🤭

@reto Having a similar issue. The older I get, the harder it is to find people your own age who want to play the same music. Definite downside to living in the suburbs in Canada.

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