So I'm making progress with my . We had the first on Friday and it was very nice. To have , and (currently) takes my to whole different level. For now we are using the name "Readymade" but not everyone likes it so we'll probably try to find something else.

@reto That's great, looking forward to hearing some recordings.

@ics thanks, how is it going with your band?

@reto Hi. Man, your instance is really taking off, isn't it? Nice.

To answer your question (finally), it's going well. Got the minimum lineup of vox, git, bass, drums, and we've started working on the first songs. If we keep up our current speed, well hopefully do the first gigs this spring and then hit the studio.

How is your band doing? And how is live?

@reto Life, not live. But live as well, i guess. 😀

it's good thanks. I'm getting to know myself better and I'm less deppressed. my band is well. we are working on my songs. I hope we can do concerts in summer.

so many new users. I'm already getting disk space issues soon again 😜

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