This is a of a I'm working on. It's called "The Tide" for now. But I'll probably rename it later...

jammed at the flat of a friend. we were surprised she had a piano and can play the flute. we went there to play games but ended up making music 😁

@twangdarkly so I finally got around trying to write a text to your

Here's a first demo of what is probably the first verse 😜
I transposed it to G. Maybe I'll make it even a bit higher, we'll see πŸ˜„


You have made up your mind
To go your way to find
The reason for being alive
The reason why we strive
The reason we can't hide
The blood is spilled on the floor
And we go dancing no more
The blood is spilled on the floor
And we go dancing no more

here's a bit of "Will You be There" by Michael Jackson I recorded (transposed to Bb). I really have to push my voice here. it's just on the brink of what I can still "sing" 🀭

Finally a way to discover users based on their interests (hashtags in profile) seems to be coming:
Looking forward to that function!

I'm still trying to produce a of my "Make It". Played around a bit here. A few errors here and there but not too bad.

replaced my ancient mixer with a Xenyx I got second hand for 50 bucks

so I'm skimming through the "Terms of use" of sites like , etc. and I found this passage which says that they get a license to my music to do whatever they want with it (see pics). what do you think about it? I wonder if I should just terminate my account because I surely never intended to give them such a license to my music.

This morning I dozed a bit and had a dream with music. I woke up and could capture the melody more or less. Went to the to find the chords. After playing it a bit it reminded me of a piece I had written before. I found that it's actually the very same melody but in the dream it had another text altogether 😜
Here's a I recorded today...
I'm using the awesome software with the Rhodespad1 preset for the piano

bought this portable with 80 watts second hand for 75 bucks. it has a battery, 3 inputs and sounds pretty nice

Made good progress on my the day before yesterday. I finished "Make It" (lyrics attached) and now I'm working on "Deep Within", which goes something like this:

Deep within there is a thing
Deep within shimmering
Golden light
Shining bright

Numerous clauses
Keep me from the causes
That move the world
In mysterious ways

Sick and tired of a life
That is shallow, so meaningless
I aim for the core
I just want more


@dogtrax so yeah, here's a first impression. not so easy to learn the song of someone else 🀭
need to spend a bit more time with it.

finally some decent , the "momentum". it's small and has an awesome sound.

Based on an earlier post I have started to write a new :

As the eagle glides on high
I'm digging holes, it makes me wanna sigh
But I'm careful not to cry
Oh! if I could only fly
Like the eagle in the sky
Like the eagle in the sky
Like the eagle in the sky
If I could fly

So I'm about to finish a called "Tranquility" I had lying around for more than 15 years. I always considered it to be kind like my personal anthem. Attached is a try at playing the main theme on .

couldn't resist, there was this pretty at the second hand store...

"Hold you again" is one of these unfinished I'm trying to complete. I think it's probably enough now. Listen to the ... what do you think?

yesterday I played a bit of again, came up with a tune and the you can hear attached. while this was fine I was looking for a text I could use, I chose:

there's a longing in my heart
a longing to be heard
a longing to be understood
a longing to be valued
a longing to be appreciated
a longing to be cared for
a longing to be seen

singing that made me sad and the led to psychosomatic symptoms of again 😬
didn't have that for months now...

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