here's a bit of "Will You be There" by Michael Jackson I recorded (transposed to Bb). I really have to push my voice here. it's just on the brink of what I can still "sing" 🀭

Finally a way to discover users based on their interests (hashtags in profile) seems to be coming:
Looking forward to that function!

I'm still trying to produce a of my "Make It". Played around a bit here. A few errors here and there but not too bad.

replaced my ancient mixer with a Xenyx I got second hand for 50 bucks

some weird riff I've been experimenting with on the

so I'm skimming through the "Terms of use" of sites like , etc. and I found this passage which says that they get a license to my music to do whatever they want with it (see pics). what do you think about it? I wonder if I should just terminate my account because I surely never intended to give them such a license to my music.

This morning I dozed a bit and had a dream with music. I woke up and could capture the melody more or less. Went to the to find the chords. After playing it a bit it reminded me of a piece I had written before. I found that it's actually the very same melody but in the dream it had another text altogether 😜
Here's a I recorded today...
I'm using the awesome software with the Rhodespad1 preset for the piano

bought this portable with 80 watts second hand for 75 bucks. it has a battery, 3 inputs and sounds pretty nice

Made good progress on my the day before yesterday. I finished "Make It" (lyrics attached) and now I'm working on "Deep Within", which goes something like this:

Deep within there is a thing
Deep within shimmering
Golden light
Shining bright

Numerous clauses
Keep me from the causes
That move the world
In mysterious ways

Sick and tired of a life
That is shallow, so meaningless
I aim for the core
I just want more


@dogtrax so yeah, here's a first impression. not so easy to learn the song of someone else 🀭
need to spend a bit more time with it.

finally some decent , the "momentum". it's small and has an awesome sound.

Based on an earlier post I have started to write a new :

As the eagle glides on high
I'm digging holes, it makes me wanna sigh
But I'm careful not to cry
Oh! if I could only fly
Like the eagle in the sky
Like the eagle in the sky
Like the eagle in the sky
If I could fly

So I'm about to finish a called "Tranquility" I had lying around for more than 15 years. I always considered it to be kind like my personal anthem. Attached is a try at playing the main theme on .

and that's how it sounds with a bit of πŸ˜„

couldn't resist, there was this pretty at the second hand store...

"Hold you again" is one of these unfinished I'm trying to complete. I think it's probably enough now. Listen to the ... what do you think?

yesterday I played a bit of again, came up with a tune and the you can hear attached. while this was fine I was looking for a text I could use, I chose:

there's a longing in my heart
a longing to be heard
a longing to be understood
a longing to be valued
a longing to be appreciated
a longing to be cared for
a longing to be seen

singing that made me sad and the led to psychosomatic symptoms of again 😬
didn't have that for months now...

is a pretty cool virtual amp with lots of tube settings, effects and even an integrated

I was lucky and could get three electric guitars very cheap, one of which is a Yamaha ERG 121 with a pretty nice sound. Now I'm playing around πŸ˜„

Ordered a very lightweight stand, a few holders and a a so-called 😜 at

The next "Let it be' take. Not bad IMO, but the goal is still far away 😜

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