So since will be no more soon, I'm moving as well πŸ˜„
@luka kindly offered me an invite. My new account will be @reto
See you there! πŸ˜„

My latest song is kind of a children protest , here's the recording of "Child You Matter":

@artsyhonker it's like a dead platform 😬 πŸ™ƒ

@TexasT30 I think it's because some people deal with anxieties regarding people staring at them, so it is done to protect those people

@masu yeah, I know what you mean. but I must say the interface of the stock android is quite nice, although they messed it up now a bit in v9 😬

@masu right, well replaces the standard UI with a crappy custom one, including the apps. I still can't understand why samsung phones are so popular considering that they make such a shitty interface.

@SeventhMagpie 😜 it's astonishing how little many people know about computers even though they often work the whole day in front of the screen.

@masu is it a phone? because then it's *not* the standard android alarm clock...

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If you're sensitive like me the world is a tough place. Lots of brutes. Children are sensitive as shit, but then come all these insensitive people that rob them of their sensitivity. And they end up just like most others - without creativity and passion, the perfect "consumers".

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Hi! I’m enby and I like to make music and play games! I just saw instance bot post about this instance so I thought I’d come check out the place and see what’s up. Thanks for having me!

Finished a demo of my latest song "I'm Gonna Be With". The main melody is based on a dream.

It's always difficult to make a demo of a new song because I can't play it so well yet. I'm now using and record until I mess up, repeating the bad part, cutting it out and reassembling everything.

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