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This is an interesting video by Justin Timberlake, looks like it's completely live:

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The next round of the #MusicCollab will start on Sunday!

Don't know what this is about? If you're any kind of music maker, you can sign up, be randomly paired with another music maker, and make an awesome song to a specific theme together.

We've released three albums so far ( )

If you don't want to miss the sign-up, check back here on Sunday, when I will post the link, or sign up to the mailing list:

#Music #CreativeToots #MastoMusic

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Hi, I’m Tiger! EU-based Politics & Society student, who spends his free time trying to produce some music, djing or playing video games. That’s pretty much it, have a nice day :)

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Hi, we have just created a not for profit recording label. We have started to organise and promote music concerts. For this we have a webshop for CD's and tickets and of course we want to produce and distribute recordings. We start with one artist and at the moment we learn a lot. Hope to find soulmates here.
Look at our website if you wan to know more.

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Eyy I'm Koba and this is my addition to . I'm a musician from Seattle, WA, USA. I write and play guitar and drums and I'm also learning to sing. I'm really amateur, but I have fun! Hmu if you wanna collab!

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Hey! I'm Pedro. I'm a musician from Colombia. I study composition and I sing and play piano. This is such a weird ever-changing phase of my life that I don't know anything else about me I could tell you with certainty.

@jana du machsch ja abgfahrnigi sache. das wäre eher o mini wält. nume gits hie gloub nüt serigs in bärn.

depth of feeling - that is what sets musicians apart. I've seen and heard so many people play the right notes, even virtuously - but they usually play with little feeling. they think they are great, but they are not. anyone can learn to play fast and complex stuff. but not everyone can play with feeling. it is feeling that touches people. it is feeling that changes people.

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Hi, I'm Amanda Rose.
I'm a musician from way back, studied in college (Horn, Guitar, Piano). I've joyfully written a few pieces of music, nothing significant or published. I 💗 electronic music!

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softly my tone sings
the church bell rings
I dim the light
you are out of sight
forgot how you smell
got so many stories to tell
life pushes on, goes wrong
skims back an inch
waiting for someone to pinch
me on the side
opening wide
ready ride
down the waterfall
leaves small and tall
I'm on the ball
there goes the wall
that is all
I ever dreamed
your eyes they gleamed
before the fall

note to self: don't go out until 4am if you have to get up at 9am.

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After hours of playing around with knobs I found the sound I want in my guitar for the stuff I've been working on. This is my signal chain.

I have been observing people and how they react to music. What I found is that most of the fascination is like a whim. It's not that the music they adore is really good but that they get impressed by fast playing or some cultural idiosyncrasy. Very few people can really tell good music from bad music.

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Hi. I am Tobias from HandaufsERZ. we make music as a hobby. mostly in German with Erzgebirge dialect. you can listen to our music on our website. Link in the bio. I first had an account on but I think here I fit better with music.
Toots will often be in german and with dialekt. So be warned, you will not understand all. 😅

Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound of Silence - Madison Square Garden, NYC - 2009

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Harpist & private music teacher. 🎵 Working on building my biz & looking into Mastodon. What's your fave part of this platform? 😀

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