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Now if you wanna change society that's where you need to change something, not via politics. The world is so fucked up because we don't care enough for each other. You can spend the whole day whitewashing the modern state, it's still a rotten piece of shit, a heartless monster of pressure and cruelty.

The hardest thing in the world is to be totally independent of people's opinion. What I see people do every day is to make themselves prostitutes of others in one way or the other, in as much that there are "people I know for whom I care" and "people I don't know about whom I don't give a shit".

the database is getting bigger every day and soon the disk space will be exhausted again. this means I'd have to migrate to another server or buy disk space which is probably even more expensive. so yeah, I'm not sure. is it worth the effort? I'm not sure. 2/2

update: I have to say that my motivation to run Smusi has declined a lot. in the beginning it was meant as a local platform to help local musicians to meet etc. but it didn't work and the local people stopped posting. then I tried making it international, this worked much better and it has grown quite a bit. but since the people are from all over the world it's more like everyone is doing their own thing and the intended social impact is almost zero. 1/2

This is a of a I'm working on. It's called "The Tide" for now. But I'll probably rename it later...

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Good day all. My name is Charlie. I'm a 6 string fretless bass player (Zon) from MI, United States.
Looking forward to connecting/conversing with other musicians.
My main interests are Jazz, Latin Jazz, Rock, Classical
35 yrs experience (professional)

To record tracks individually (like first guitar, then voice etc.) is the very reason why a record does not reflect the full potential of a song. Only when people are actually playing live and it is recorded together the full emotion is present. I don't think many labels/producers have understood this and that's why we have so much shallow music (even when the material would be good).

Experience with my first band (called "Bridgemate"): Threw one person out because of too much negativity, putting people down (including me). Apart from that we have good people and the rehearsals are great. It's so important to have good people. I value this even more than ability. People get better over time musically, but a bad character is usually not going to improve.

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@smusi Hi everyone, I'm a guitar player .. fingerstyle kinda but is just cuz I really don't like to sing 😅

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Hey y'all! I'm new. American musician living in south of france. Ask me anything about music down here ; )

hurrying along the bank
wetting my toes
in muddy water
I wasn't the only one
who got his feet wet

since this is an open platform you shouldn't be sharing links to a closed platform like only. you can't even preview tracks there anymore without an account. I'm thinking about adding this as a rule for , that music you post must be directly accessible without any account whatsoever.

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Hi Mastodon! I'm a percussionist and composer from Alabama. I'm into a wide variety of musical genres, including prog rock, jazz, classical, electronica, video game music, and many many more. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to talk about music, video games, or anything else!

now it's alright if you use to announce your releases but the idea would be that you also share personal things out of your life as a . after all we don't always want to just hear about your polished version of life but also about your struggles and issues.

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Greeting ! We’re @TheLonelys and we love making music that rings a bit sentimental and reminds us of the good in this world.

For fans of The Beatles, Queen, Beach Boys, etc..

Listen to our debut album, Wall of Love, here:

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hey, how's it all going? Alongside writing a bit as a music journo, I've been teaching myself the ropes of recording and producing music for quite a while now
got some of my stuff here
(oh yeah, and I'm a big advocate of the EHX big muff)

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Yo my name's Chandler Im an edgy art tool. I like nmh, godspeed, hardcore, post-rock, drone and just general edgy shit. My music is I know it's shit so fuck off.

of a I started writing more than 15 years ago. now I've added verses and stuff: "Carry a Smile"

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