This is a reminder that will be shutting down in May. Please migrate your account to another server until 7th of May. Thank you and take care!

... media is a poor substitute for a real life community. I will probably try to start a local community though as was the original intention. I've learned a few things. Thank you for your engagement and kind words. All the best for musical ambitions/career and take care! 🤗 🥁 ❤️

If you want to keep in contact:
📧 mail AT
☎️ four one seven eight nine one zero four six five two


Hi dear pepole. This is @reto
I'm sorry but I have to inform you that I will not renew the server for
Please migrate your account to another server until 7th of May 2019
The reason for this is that what I had in mind for Smusi was a real community but it is now becoming evident that for most people it's more or less just a server to host a profile and I'm not motivated to continue like that. I think this is because there is too much diversity but also social ... 1/2

Finally updated to the latest version of 😎

Hi everyone. @reto here. I'm posting with this account so more people will get to see this. If you'd like to continue, please consider to become a patron:
I have to admit my motivation has been a bit lacking. Some more backers would do me good. Thanks to everyone who has already become a patron! 👏 😆 🎉

There's an issue with media assets. I'm trying to fix it 😀

Seems like something happened and suddenly more people join . Not sure what it is/was 😆
Anyway, I hope you are doing well and I wish you all the best with your music. If you like, you can do an . This is sort of a custom on the (nickname for the whole federated network). Just write something about yourself and tag it with

If you want to answer me, mention @reto
I just use this account for information and updates.


Updated Mastodon to v2.6.5
No notable changes but some fixes.
Release info:
Wishing you a good start into the new week. ❤️ 🤗

We're now on Mastodon 2.6.1
Probably the best new feature is that previews (YouTube etc.) are now displayed in the timeline directly. Also it's possible now to verify profile link ownership (see )
All changes:

Smusi is now on Mastodon version 2.5.2, the latest security update... thanks for making it a great place!

the disk on the server is slowly filling up. I need to move the media files to an external storage. probably going to have some short outages until it all works. 🎉

updated the software to v2.5.0.
Gargron wrote a blog post about the release:

I think the best new features are that you can feature people on your profile and that toots show reply counts now.

the full release notes are here if you're interested:

are you interested to know when the mastodon software is updated on
here's a poll to find out what most users on here would prefer:

Heute von 13:00-14:00 im Café Littéraire im Stauffacher Bern

Komme wer wolle! 😆

Von Server Software Mastodon gibt's neu die Version 2.4.0 mit einigen Verbesserungen, unter anderem mit einer neuen Spalte für Direkt-Mitteilungen (dann rechts zu finden). Alle Infos hier:

Mache jetzt das Update und hoffe dass die Kiste nicht abschmiert für längere Zeit... Reto 🤞

Ihr seid herzlich eingeladen zum

Smusi-Event #1

Mittwoch, 23.5. (also morgen :)
Location: bei @harryjay
Treffpunkt: Europaplatz
Zeit: 19.00

Mitbringen: 🎸 🎼 🍪 🎉 😆

Das ist also der Anfang von Smusi, dem sozialen Netzwerk für Musiker.

Alle neuen User folgen diesem Account (@smusi). Hierüber kommunizieren wir Smusi-Events, Server-Wartungen, Status-Meldungen etc.

Falls jemand lieber im Ungewissen bleibt kann sie/er natürlich auch entfolgen 😆


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