Between a Rock and Weird Place (improv) / The Mountain Rovers --

at rehearsal, re-imagining one of our pieces on the electric gourd and guitar, with some extra tasty drums -- "Through Hollow Lands"

some music I've never shared with the world, an unused piece recorded in 2013 for a film score

Got a new guitar. been a while since I've spent quality time with a guitar, what with all the gourds and dulcimers and such. It's like an old friendship renewed :)

rehearsing a little bit of mountain music on the electric gourd
🌄 😀

Further exploring the , I experimented putting the three outputs of the triad into three different oscillators, all using various timbres, whilst having the three notes being output varied slowly by a attenuated LFO.

As usual, I augmented the sound palette with meanderings.

of a I started writing more than 15 years ago. now I've added verses and stuff: "Carry a Smile"

some more sound art I put together for a local art exhibit, along with some animation I created from the visual art

more details at

a commissioned piece for an art exhibit, featuring overtone flute, chromatic dulcimer, and electric gourd

more details at

Life should be touched, not strangled. You've got to relax, let it happen at times, and at others move forward with it. ~ Ray Bradbury

Flashback Friday to "Roadside Attraction"
electric mountain dulcimer

I'd recently been to visit my folks in the Smoky Mountains and was bemused by the dilapidated and abandoned roadside attractions that were bustling in my memories of riding the same road in the 70s. With this piece I was hoping to capture that blend of happy memories and the losses of time.

some deep textural exploration with my trio at a live performance-recording session...

a recent live performance from my trio

electric chromatic dulcimer, electric guitar, and drums

is very delicate. when performing/recording, the aim to make it sound well is the main hindrance in getting it to sound well.

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